Oracle Linux 6 Setup for VMware

Stemming from a previous post on how to Prepare a Linux Environment to Install Oracle Linux 6 I wanted to share a few key elements on setting up a usable VMware environment for new comers so they can install Oracle 11g.

Assumptions: You have setup your hardware features to create a Linux server in VMware and placed the Oracle Linux media in its proper place so you can install the distribution.  Here are items you will see once you start the install.

  • Welcome page – Install or Upgrade
  • Integrity Testing for the Media
  • Language then Keyboard Output
  • Enterprise Linux will warn us that we will lose all data on the virtual disk. Click Yes in order to proceed
  • Provide a hostname and also configure the network by clicking “Configure Network” – Check the “Connect automatically” checkbox and set the IP address, netmask and gateway
  • Select your Time Zone
  • Provide Password for root account

Type of Installation: Select “Create Custom Layout” This will allow you to create a boot, a swap and a root partition.

  • Set the mount point to /boot and the size to 100 MB
  • Set the partition type to “swap” and set its size to 2GB
  • Set the last partition with a mount point of / and let it occupy all of the remaining disk space
  • Leave the boot loader options by default

Select the Basic Server and click on “Customize now” at the bottom of the screen.

In Desktops add the following:

  • Desktop
  • Desktop Platform
  • Fonts
  • General Purpose Desktop
  • Graphical Administration Tools
  • X Windows System

In the Development add the following. This will help for the installation of VMware Tools after Linux is installed.

  • Additional Development
  • Development Tools

In the Applications add in:

  • Internet Browser

Once the copy process starts it can take anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes depending on your hardware.

Once you see a Congrats Screen – Click Reboot to restart the VM.

Now it is time to start the configuration, you will see a the basic installation features as with many OS’s:

  • License Information
  • Set Up Software Updates
  • Create User ( Note: Username = oracle, Full Name = Oracle User, Password = <your choice> )
  • Date and Time
  • Kdump – leave as default settings, ignore notices.
  • Login as Oracle User

Installation of the VMware Tools

This package is important if you want to fully take advantage of the features VMware provide for improving performance and enhancing video.

Select VM > Install VMware Tools from the Workstation menu.

Workstation will mount a CD containing the installation package of VMware Tools. Open a new console as root and unzip the VMware Tools from the CD.  This is typically a TAR function… I’ve included a link on my Resources  tab to help with this.

Execute the script and accept all defaults.

There you have it… Installation of Oracle Enterprise Linux 6 has completed.  You are ready to log in and install your Oracle Database.

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